Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

It’s not what it used to be.

When I first started this site I shared my experiences running a language business. Then it turned into business in general. I kept changing the concept of this blog (and my other blogs, too) as I tried to figure out what the purpose of each should be.

What this blog never used to be is probably what it should have been all along: a place for me to just talk about all my projects in one place.

I’ve had a lot of projects and interests over the years, and I kept trying to just find one that would tie all the content here together. But that approach just stifled me—it felt forced, and I would inevitably run out of things to say. Or I would abandon the blog for so long that I felt obligated to start all over again.

With every new project I felt I needed a new website, a new blog, a new purpose. It was exhausting.

So now, I’ve made some changes. This blog, tammybjelland.com, will round up all the updates in my life—including the projects that DO have their own home on the internet, and those that don’t.

Here are the projects that do have their own separate homes:

All my language-related content is over at Language in Bloom, which includes the Business of Language podcast episodes, language learning resources, and resources for language professionals and linguapreneurs.

I’ll still talk about general business-y stuff here sometimes, but for the most part you’ll find all that over at Learning in Bloom.

I started a site that helps remote professionals advance in their careers—you can find that at workplaceless.

And finally, my friend Jennifer and I started a new business, Amplifyable, which provides online marketing training to real estate professionals.


And here are some projects that don’t: 

  • I’m working on a novel
  • My husband and I are building a house
  • I’ve got another nonfiction ebook in the works


If you want to keep up with these and any future projects I come up with, just keep coming back. Or better yet, if you share your email address with me, I’ll write you long, personal updates every now and then.


Thanks for stopping by!