Inspiration Rejuvenation: Revisit What Got You Started


This week I’m co-teaching a Spanish immersion course at my language school. Since I’ve been more consciously focused on growing my business so that I can create more opportunities for more language learners, I haven’t been teaching classes on my own very often—maybe a class or two a month, and then just to substitute for an instructor who couldn’t make it.

This week is different, in that I worked with the other instructor to design the syllabus and materials, and taught two days of classes on my own. It was especially rewarding to work with students who are truly excited about learning Spanish; so excited that they have sacrificed a whole week off work or away from their other obligations to immerse themselves in the language for hours a day.

While teaching a course like this is of course a lot of work, it’s also incredibly energizing. Being back in front of the classroom for hours at a time, and seeing the response and engagement in real time from students—not to mention seeing friendships form among those students—is why I started my business in the first place.

I’m not saying that I had forgotten the purpose and mission of my work, but I will say that going back to where the passion all began instantly rejuvenates my inspiration and motivation. So if you have the option to go back to where your passion all began, I encourage you to do so; even if you don’t feel the passion lagging, chances are it will shed new light on the path you’re currently on.