Learning = Growth

Learning = Growth

I recently had the pleasure of recording a podcast interview with Jennifer Sacco, and we had a wonderful conversation about business and life. One of the questions that Jennifer asked me was, “Besides family, what do you care most about?”

My answer: learning. I believe deeply in the incredible capacity that we have as humans to learn new things and to apply them to our lives in order to connect with others and thrive in the world. It is in our ability to learn that we find our true potential for growth as individuals and as a community.

And that is what I get to do in business and in life every day. I’ve built a business around not just sharing knowledge, but developing ways in which others can be better equipped to take in that knowledge and apply it to their lives and careers, and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to tie in that passion I have for learning, with what I do for a living.

I’ve seen the transformative power that exists when an individual realizes that a new skill is within reach, and that in fact, he has reached it.

This power exists for individuals, for businesses, but also, as I said, for communities; the most important one being our society as a whole. I think that education and opportunities for growth are vital to creating and sustaining a positive, productive society. My business has evolved to allow me to consider these big-picture questions, and feel like my projects, while no way close to addressing these issues on a wide scale, contribute in some way to this mission. When I answered her question, Jennifer responded that I must feel so good about getting to do my work every day. And I really do. And that’s something that’s worth reminding myself of, especially on those days when things might get hard or complicated, or I don’t get to work directly on those projects.

How about you? Besides family, what do you care most about? And how does that drive you in business and in your personal life? Please share in the comments!