More Funny, Please

No, not funnier.

More funny.

My writing tends to be serious. I mean, when I write it’s mostly for business purposes, so it’s going to be pretty dry. And the majority of all the writing I’ve ever done (if you count number of pages) has been academic writing, which is the definition of dry, and mostly about super heavy contemporary Spanish literature.

So I haven’t had much opportunity to write much that is funny, even though according to friends I have a good sense of humor.

I’m going to try to get better about this—adding more funny into what I put out there into the world. And maybe if it’s not quite funny, then lighthearted.

We all have to start somewhere, so here are some things that make me laugh.


I’m not one of those people that doesn’t watch TV. Not going to lie, I watch more than my fair share—there is some hilarious stuff out there. Here are some TV shows that make me literally laugh out loud:

Crazy Ex Girlfriend 

Silicon Valley 

The Good Place 

The Office

Parks and Recreation 

Trial & Error (thank goodness this got picked up for another season!) 



My Dad Wrote a Porno 

My Favorite Murder 

Done Disappeared 

(I need more good comedy podcasts, please! Send me your recs) 



I need more funny books in my life. I haven’t read a funny book in ages and it’s killing me.


Animal GIFs 

Guaranteed to make me laugh. Post your favorites in the comments.

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